An Open Letter (and Invitation) to the Remake Learning Community

Roundtable conversations are helping direct the future of Remake Learning. We're seeking network members to join the effort.

Hello there, Remake Learning community:

In 2011, 30 Remake Learning (then called Kids + Creativity) partners came together to draft the Mission, Vision, Values and Outcomes for the Network. It set a five-year time horizon. In Remake Learning’s 10th year, it’s time to revisit and reconsider that document and to create a new version that represents Remake Learning in 2017 and where we want to be in 2022.

Over the last month, we’ve had the great fortune of hosting roundtable conversations with small groups of Remake Learning partners from K-12 schools, early childhood education, higher education, community organizations, companies, and beyond. These conversations, attended by between 5 and 10 people each, have been engaging, enlightening, and have allowed for deep conversations about the strengths of the Network and the places in which it needs deliberate improvement. We’ve been thrilled with the candor, sincerity, and thoughtful consideration that each attendee has brought to bear in thinking about Remake Learning’s future.

Perhaps even more exciting is that individuals have raised their hands to host roundtable conversations with their own constituencies. These include James Fogarty, Executive Director of A+ Schools; LaTrenda Leonard Sherrill, Deputy Chief of Education in Mayor Peduto’s Office; Tracey Armant, Program Associate at the Grable Foundation; and Don Martin, Assistant Executive Director of Intermediate Unit 1. Remake Learning partners are also hosting roundtables with youth!

Here’s where you can help. Are you interested in hosting your own roundtable conversation to help direct the future of Remake Learning?

If the answer is yes, please fill out this form to get started.

You’ll need to let me know who you’ll be inviting (between 5-10 people) and a date/time/location (between 1.5-3 hours, before Friday, April 21). Once we decide on logistics I’ll help you prepare for the meeting, as well as attend your roundtable to take notes and bring coffee and snacks.

Questions? Shoot me an email:

The power of the Remake Learning community comes from the people who participate, and its future is up to you! I hope you’ll consider contributing to this process.

With sincere gratitude,
Learning Innovation Strategist, Remake Learning

Published March 10, 2017

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