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With the lifting of the national emergency order this May, it’s clear we’ve reached a new phase of the COVID-19 pandemic. What does that mean for teaching and learning?

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A group of adults stand around a circular table discussing a design they've sketched together.

Futures to Forge

Educators and leaders from around the world came to Pittsburgh in May 2024 to author the next chapter of learning. Here's the first draft.

An over-the-shoulder view of a man holding a postcard that reads "Greetings from Pittsburgh."

What Comes Next After Forge Futures

Forge Futures gathered a remarkable braintrust to take bold steps toward the future of learning

A young adult and a teenager discuss a poem.

From Neighbors to Citizens

Remake Civics is preparing tomorrow’s citizens, one classroom at a time.

Three elementary school students embrace and smile for the camera.

Centering ‘Relationships, First and Foremost,’ Butler Area School District Rethinks the Meaning of School

Butler Area, a geographically diverse district that serves rural, urban and suburban communities, gives schools like Emily Brittain Elementary the flexibility to respond to their unique communities, with an emphasis on building relationships.


Life-wide learning, flourishing in Pittsburgh and emerging around the world

Learning ecosystems around the world offer powerful opportunities to students and their families. Many of the seeds for this model were planted right here in Pittsburgh.

A Northgate elementary student uses Lego blocks and coding software to create a robot at BotsIQ after-school camp.

‘Innovating through Proximity,’ Northgate School District Partners with a Resurgent Community Resource

How a small public school district on the outskirts of Pittsburgh is leveraging partnerships —including a collaboration with neighboring Suburban General — to give students the flexibility to pursue anywhere, anytime learning.

An over-the-shoulder shot of a child using a touch screen device.

AI in Pittsburgh-area schools

How are districts handling this powerful new tool?

A school student uses a laptop computer to program a robotic vehicle navigating a tabletop maze.

Living Up to the Name

STEAM Learning at Woodland Hills brings computer knowledge to every student


Opening Lanes of Exploration

With ‘Multiple Lanes’ and Economic Pathways, South Allegheny is Personalizing for the Future