Sharing the Remake Learning Model for Education Innovation

The latest release of Remake Learning Playbook launched at Education Innovation Clusters Convening in Chicago

Last week, as part of an ongoing effort to “open source” the Remake Learning Network, The Sprout Fund premiered the next release of the Remake Learning Playbook, a resource for building collaborative innovation networks for teaching and learning.

In addition to updates to chapters and case studies released in June, the latest edition of the Playbook includes:

  • Voices of Innovators: An audio archive of Remake Learning members in their own words
  • Advocacy Kits: A collection of presentation tool kits for making the case to a variety of audiences
  • Gameplan Web App: A beta of an interactive tool for generating custom versions of the Playbook designed for different communities

Sprout presented the second release of the Playbook at the 2015 Education Innovation Clusters Convening hosted by Digital Promise and LEAP Innovations in Chicago. Convening attendees are leading efforts similar to Remake Learning in more than a dozen cities and regions across the U.S. and the Remake Learning Playbook was presented as their go-to resource for strategies and advice based on the lessons learned in Pittsburgh.

For a recap of the Education Innovation Cluster Convening, see Michelle Molnar’s piece in EdWeek.

Dive in and share your feedback

The Remake Learning Playbook is a living document that will continue to evolve with more contributions, new features, and updates. You can add your voice to this process by reading and commenting on the Playbook on Medium and using the Gameplan Web App to create your own playbook for remaking learning in your community.

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Published August 17, 2015