Pittsburgh invades London at Mozilla Festival

It's time again for the Mozilla Festival in London, and Hive Pittsburgh is there to share Pittsburgh's best learning innovations!

Ambassadors from Hive Pittsburgh and Remake Learning are in London, UK all weekend to take part in the 2013 Mozilla Festival, where digital learning innovators convene each year to discuss the way forward in education and media. This year in attendance, along with a team of Sprout staffers, are Adil Mansoor and Heather White of the Andy Warhol Museum, who will be presenting one of the museum’s most successful international programs to festival-goers, Collecting Youth Culture.

In partnership with Hive Pittsburgh, The Andy Warhol Museum’s Collecting Youth Culture program uses The Philosophy of Andy Warhol: From A to B and Back Again as a starting point to gather youth philosophies from around the globe and gives today’s youth a forum for dialogue to address issues that youth face on a daily basis or even to lend an understanding to issues new and unique from one’s own experience. The program invites teens to share their views on time, love, fame, art, beauty and work with others all over the world. At MozFest, they’ll have an interactive, open-source time capsule that attendees can use to create a one-of-a-kind bandanna at a mobile silkscreen station.

And Hive Pittsburgh won’t be the only Hive Learning Network represented in London: it will be joined by the rest of the global Hives from Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Toronto, Berlin, Mexico, Indonesia and India to host a series of happenings from Fireside Chats to interactive Learning Labs that focus on topics like Enabling Connected Learning and Building the Hive movement. Leading the discussions on behalf of the North American Hives will be Sprout’s Cathy Lewis Long and Matt Hannigan. It will be a great hub of activity to get the rest of the world interested in what Hive Learning Networks can do to advance youth learning and engagement in their communities.

Also in attendance from our network of innovators and educators in Pittsburgh will be Paul Dille of CREATE Lab, showcasing the CMU invention lab’s Time Machine project and focusing on the interactive Google Earth Engine Landsat Timelapse, through which attendees will be able to explore the space and time of our changing planet and create and share tours about the last 29 years.

Finally, MozFest will mark the official launch of Remake Learning Digital Corps, led by new Sprout Program Associate, Ani Martinez. The Digital Corps is a new cadre of educators, practitioners and community members trained in the effective use of digital learning tools and deployed in out-of-school settings in Pittsburgh to enable community centers, summer camps, and other learning programs to leverage today’s free, low-cost, and open source software tools. At MozFest, Ani and Program Officer Dustin Stiver will be opening the discussion of how to recruit teachers to promote digital literacy in emerging environments and how to enable that digital literacy through a digital make kit. They’re also inviting all in attendance to be makers in the Digital Corps world, showing off some of the Corps’ resources like Thimble, Scratch and Pittsburgh-based Hummingbird, and allowing festival-goers a chance to try them out and talk about their experiences.

It’s going to be a busy weekend, so if you’re at MozFest be sure to stop by and say hi! We’ll be Hanging Out, Messing Around and Geeking Out with the rest of you and having a great time doing, making and learning. Check back here next week for our big wrap-up report!

Published October 24, 2013