Let’s make tomorrow better, together.

Let’s explore tomorrow, today.

What can we do today to make tomorrow a more promising place for all learners? The future is always uncertain, and it can feel especially uncertain these days. We’re all learning how to make sense of new ideas, new technologies, and new norms together.

The good news is that young people growing up today have an awesome opportunity to learn in new and powerful ways. We must prepare a generation that’s ready to stand up and navigate the problems and opportunities of tomorrow. We must treat our teachers and caring adults as heroes—their work is humankind’s most vital responsibility. And we must start now, with equity at the center.

Explore Tomorrow, in Pittsburgh and beyond, from May through October 2020.


Original stories spotlighting the future of learning that’s happening now and exploring what’s to come.

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Weekly virtual chats featuring some of the most forward-thinking leaders in teaching, learning, technology, and more. Conversations were recorded live every Thursday afternoon, May – October 2020.

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Events celebrating the progress we’ve made in sparking the future of learning today.

National Launch of Remake Learning Days Across America | Originally premiered October 13, 2020

CelebratED: The #RemakeTomorrow Edition | Originally premiered October 5, 2020


Grants made to support the future of learning and recognize educators across the country who are teaching, caring, and embracing the love and forward-thinking approaches of Pittsburgh’s best-ever neighbor, Fred Rogers.

Publications & Multimedia

Original reports, films, and other media produced as part of the Tomorrow campaign.

Aspirations & Inspirations

  • The Future of Learning

    Today’s learners are tomorrow’s parents, workers, and leaders. Our shared tomorrow depends on ensuring that each and every young person experiences the future of learning today.

    Tomorrow challenges everyone to work towards a future of learning that is: 

    • Driven by the interests of learners and the needs of the world
    • Focused on cultivating deep knowledge, building practical skills, and nurturing dynamic dispositions   
    • Shaped and supported by the entire community of caring adults and educators
    • A lifelong pursuit that can happen anywhere, anytime
    • Human, attainable, and navigable
    • Engaging, relevant, and equitable
  • Fred Rogers & 143

    Tomorrow explores the future of learning through the timeless sensibilities of Fred Rogers. America’s favorite neighbor, Fred Rogers, brought together researchers, educators, and counselors to further children’s learning while preparing them for the struggles and joys of being human. He used a new technology called television to do it. 

    Fred’s landmark television program Mister Rogers Neighborhood was produced in Pittsburgh and broadcast across the country for more than 30 years. His work impacted generations and his legacy lives on in the fields of children’s media, early childhood development, and education.

    Fred’s insistence on the essential importance of human connection and compassion is as relevant today as it was when he started broadcasting in 1968.

    Fred Rogers considered the number 143 to be a very special number. He once said, “It takes one letter to say I and four letters to say love and three letters to say you. One hundred and forty-three.” You’ll find 143 throughout the Tomorrow campaign, signalling the power and importance of the simple phrase “I love you” as we venture into the future together. In Pennsylvania, the 143rd day of the year is a special day dedicated to the celebration of kindness: 143 Day.

  • Resources

    KnowledgeWorks’ Forecast 5.0 – A comprehensive forecast on the future of learning that identifies five drivers of change expected to impact learning over the next decade and imagines what those drivers of change could mean for education.

    The Future of Learning in the Pittsburgh Region – A regional adaptation of Knowledgeworks’ Forecast 4.0, which explores six provocations from the original forecast, highlights local signals of change, and examines opportunities to help learners and the region adapt to the emerging era.

    Big Ideas, Little Learners: Early Childhood Trends Report – A showcase of the megatrends driving new demand and supply in early childhood education, with the goal of igniting more conversations, ideas, actions, and energy into the field.

    10 Big Hopes for Change in Education – A concise rundown of the 10 hopeful changes Big Change wants to see in education and learning. Also known as their #Hopes4Ed.