Art making at Assemble / Photo: Brian Cohen

Resource Roundup: 12 ways to make maker learning more accessible

Maker learning unlocks creativity, curiosity, and career skills through hands-on exploration of real materials. How can we deliver high-quality maker experiences to learners who are often left out of traditional maker spaces?

All month long, we’ve celebrated Maker Learning. From meeting and talking with local maker educators, to hearing about the power of hands-on learning in their own words. We’ve seen how maker-based education can reinforce young peoples’ identity, voice, and choice, while building skills in creativity, expression, collaboration, and workforce-ready tech.

With so much to offer, it’s imperative that Maker Learning opportunities are equitably accessible to every student, including those who are often left outside our traditional maker spaces—students of color, students with disabilities, those living in rural areas, and students from low-income families.

We’ve rounded up 12 resources on accessible maker learning to help you bring the joys of maker learning to more students.

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Learning in the Making Live!

An online video series from Maker Ed designed to support educators and families with accessible hands-on learning experiences. This work is part of the organization’s focus on supporting remote learning in various environments.

Makerspaces: Hands-on Learning for Students of All Abilities

How to design a maker space to meet the needs of all students.

7 Steps to Organize Maker Education for Students with Special Needs

More tips for building a maker space for special education students.

Some Assembly Required

Assemble‘s playbook for learning, making, and growing together with teachers, students, and community members.

Maker Learning Leadership Framework

A tool to help organizational leaders take stock of their maker learning programs and plan for growth by building support systems, using effective practices, and acquiring maker-related tools and materials.


SQUAD Art Studio

Offers traditional and new media art experiences to families with young children in rural regions, led by IUP Art Education‘s pre-service teachers.

Y Creator Space

A free STEM-based maker program serving Pittsburgh-area youth after-school, in-school, and during the summer.

Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

A nonprofit that collects unwanted materials from businesses and individuals, and transforms them into fuel for art, education, and innovation. At their shop in Pittsburgh’s Point Breeze neighborhood, teachers, artists, makers, and families can access project ideas and affordable supplies.

RCBI’s Maker Vault

Provides West Virginia communities with a space to experiment, develop, and learn through self-led projects and group workshops.

Handmade Arcade

Connecting creators and consumers through making and learning, and pursuing partnerships with organizations that promote youth and minority entrepreneurs.


A community for people who like to make things.


Maker Camp

A free program full of projects, adventures, inspiration, and community. Anyone can register: schools, libraries, clubs, or pods that are ready for a summer of making. The versatile framework is customizable for in-person, hybrid, or remote camps.