Why Civics Learning?

Traditional civic education is failing young people today. Our mission is to redefine K-12 civic learning, focusing on the development of belonging, connection, and agency, so that all young people grow up with the experiences and learning they need to step into their role as makers of our shared history.

What’s the working group doing?

Grounded in collaboration, innovation, and equity, the working group explores questions of how to redefine civic education across the region, integrating learning science, and centering the needs and voices of youth. Key issues we are addressing: defining and promoting civic readiness, defining a vision for a “civic learner”, applying innovative pedagogical practices, and advancing inclusion and belonging. Additionally, the group is interested in fostering multi-generational dialogues and utilizing storytelling for connectivity and visibility.

Our Aims

  • Build a tightly-knit community of engaged civic learning partner institutions.
  • Cultivate a mindset shift, emphasizing learning science and civic readiness.
  • Define a shared understanding of a “civic learner” in collaboration with community partners.
  • Strengthen offerings and embolden members to become ambassadors for civic education.
  • Integrate innovative pedagogical practices aligned with whole-child development.
  • Facilitate multi-generational civic dialogues and increased youth voice.
  • Leverage storytelling to enhance awareness and connectivity.
  • Offer funding support for bold and transformative learning projects.
  • Measure success through scaled, quality integration into educational practices.
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Join the Civic Learning Ecosystem to actively contribute to redefining civic education in the region. Engage in events, workshops, and collaborative activities, and explore funding opportunities for innovative learning projects.

To become a part of this work, please reach out to the group leads to learn more.

Tess Benoit

Working Group Lead

Lead for Products & Partnerships, History Co:Lab


Stephanie Lewis

Local Coordinator

Director of Relationships, Remake Learning


Support for the Civic Learning Ecosystem is provided by The Grable Foundation.