A headshot of Ben Renwrick looking at the camera.

Ben Renwick is the STEM Education Lead at Covestro LLC, managing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) community outreach within the greater Pittsburgh area and other regional Covestro manufacturing sites. As part of Covestro’s corporate social responsibility team, he has a particular focus in leveraging the company’s current and future workforce in order to create sustainable and lasting impacts. Working with over 60 school districts annually, Ben coordinates with teachers and other organizations the opportunity for Covestro employees to get engaged with local schools through hands-on activities or other career related events. STEM and education have long been a passion of Ben’s as he strives to positively impact as many students as he can.

Ben loves the opportunity to teach young students (especially science) and to also be a positive role model for them. Students at the middle school age are particularly of who Ben is most passionate because of the critical time in their life. Adolescence comes with a lot of changes for these students, and he strives to help put them on a path towards success.

In addition to his STEM role, Ben works with numerous nonprofit organizations, coordinating events that once again allow for Covestro employees to partner with community programs. He and his team work towards helping organizations that align with Covestro’s mission…to make the world a brighter place. Ben holds a bachelor’s degree in middle level science/math education from Grove City College.

Ben is a member of the Remake Learning Council.

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