The Innovative Education Policy Collaborative was a regional working group comprised of individuals and organizations who sought to monitor local, state, and federal education policies and their effect on learning innovation. They sought to scale and spread education innovation to ensure that each and every child in the region received a high-quality education.

Publications from this Working Group

Why Education Policy?

  • Education policy shapes the entire education system, from school funding to teacher training
  • Policy affects the most marginalized students
  • Advocacy has the potential to scale innovative ideas to equitably serve students

The Collaborative’s Vision

Innovative teaching and learning is cemented through supportive education policies at the local and state levels

Goals of the Collaborative

  • Develop policy frameworks that can be implemented on the local and state levels
  • Advocate for policy change through legislator tours and policy summits
  • Collaborate with regional educators and administrators in policy development
  • Introduce policies that empower and assist educators

Values of the Collaborative

  • Teacher education that prepares educators to teach in ways that are engaging, relevant, and equitable
  • Innovation in service of equity
  • Scalability and sustainability

PAsmart: $30 million state investment in CS

The PA Department of Education’s PAsmart grants support schools, students, workers and businesses across the state. PAsmart will help Pennsylvanians develop the skills they need for the job they want. It will also support businesses through creating a skilled workforce to hire.




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