Meet 20 (more) Pittsburghers leading the tech community into the future

New to the local tech scene? Looking to expand your network? Here are some of the most connective leaders you should know to get involved in the Steel City.

If you’ve ever felt unsure of who to connect with to get deeper into the Pittsburgh tech community, keep reading.

Welcome to’s second annual RealLIST Connectors roundup. Our inaugural list in 2022 held 100 names; think of this 2023 edition of an addendum to that monster roundup of who’s who.

What does it mean to be one of the Steel City’s RealLIST Connectors? We define it as a person who makes meaningful connections in local tech and entrepreneurship, who convenes and informs others. Sometimes that means helping students have access to STEM education through partnerships and programming. Sometimes it’s helping promising workers find the apprenticeships of their dreams. Sometimes it’s board leadership to ensure Pittsburgh is a prominent player in modern spacetech innovation.

Pittsburgh, here are your 2023 RealLIST Connectors…

Featuring two members of the Remake Learning team:

Kirk Holbrook

  • Program director at Deeplocal’s Gizmology program and STEAM ecosystem lead for Remake Learning
  • Kirk Holbrook has spent the past 20 years acting as a servant leader in ways such as organizing community members to rally for issues in public education across Pittsburgh, being Rep. Jake Whealtly’s chief of staff, and even serving on the Pittsburgh Public Schools’ Equity Advisory Panel in 2018. Now, Holbrook can be found splitting his time between Deeplocal as its equity-focused apprenticeship program’s program manager, and Remake Learning as the org’s regional STEAM ecosystem lead, which means creating accessible educational programming for students around the region.

Stephanie Lewis

  • Director of relationships for Remake Learning
  • As Remake Learning’s director of relationships, Stephanie Lewis makes sure that students, schools and external organizations don’t operate in silos. That means Lewis’ job is to ensure that all the different parties work together to create equitable educational opportunities for students, including in STEM. Previously, Lewis acted as the director of initiatives for the Bible Center Church and the director of Allegheny Partners for Out of School Time.