Ryan Coons and Arielle Evens stand on either side of a whiteboard.

Five Questions with Ryan Coon and Arielle Evans

(Re)Introducing Remake Learning’s new communications team

Remake Learning means lots of things to lots of people: infusing learning with arts and technology, expanding computer science learning opportunities, connecting in-school and out-of-school learning, preparing students for the future of work, supporting teachers to reinvent the classroom, shifting power in education policy and practice. Making sense of all of this and more is the job of Remake Learning’s communications team: Ryan Coon and Arielle Evans.

After a hiatus, Ryan and Arielle are back working behind the scenes to keep the network informed and engaged. We asked ourselves five questions to share more about what we’re doing and how we can help.

What is your role on the Remake Learning team?

We’re responsible for a broad range of things, from big-picture strategic thinking about Remake Learning’s presence and positioning way down to the nitty-gritty of updating website plugins. We make the newsletters you receive, write and edit the blog you read, manage the social media feeds you follow, and keep the website you’re currently on humming along. We also jump in to help other members of the team when they’re hosting events or leading programs.

In general, for every aspect of Remake Learning that has a public face, we have a hand in helping to make it happen.

What do you hope to accomplish as you lead communications for Remake Learning?

After 15 years of evolution, Remake Learning has a lot of legacy to build on, and just as much to revisit. After being away for a couple of years, we’re hoping to bring a refreshed perspective and some new thinking to how, why, to whom, and about what Remake Learning communicates.

At the same time, we’re excited to hone in on those really strong parts of Remake Learning’s communications approach that have stood the test of time like documentation, design, and storytelling.

Specifically, by this time next year we expect Remake Learning to have a brand new website, a strong media presence, and an inspiring collection of stories of what educators and learners are doing today to remake learning for tomorrow.

What would you like the network to know about you?

It’s our job to amplify, document, and share what network members are doing. We need your help to do that! Let us know when you have an event or an opportunity to promote, an idea you want to explore, a really cool program that we can photograph, or an amazing educator or learner in your midst whose story just needs to be told. We’re waiting to hear from you at communications@remakelearning.org.