A group of people bounce balloons in the air.

PA School Superintendents try to keep many balloons up in the air.

Executive Insights: Remake Learning on igniting educational success across the region

How the Western Pennsylvania Learning 2025 Alliance — in partnership with Remake Learning — is bringing families, community organizations and innovative school districts together to create a new learning landscape

When it comes to learning, you could say some kids in Western Pennsylvania have never had it better.

And you’d be right, thanks to a dedicated alliance of 34 local school districts working to explore new, life-changing learning experiences for children. Together, these programs have put a national spotlight on the Pittsburgh region as a model of successful public-private education partnership -— one that leans heavily on the collective efforts of educators, parents, neighborhood groups and businesses.

“It’s a fantastic story, but it’s a story that takes us back to the pandemic — a place none of us want to go,” said Gregg Behr, executive director of The Grable Foundation; chair of Remake Learning; and a champion of what emerged from that “story” as the Western Pennsylvania Learning 2025 Alliance.

Behr recently detailed the Alliance’s successes as part of an Executive Insights video series, created in partnership with the Pittsburgh Business Times. The Alliance, as well as the many programs emerging from it, have been funded by the Pittsburgh-based Grable Foundation, together with Remake Learning.