Eight New Moonshot Missions Blast Off

Taking giant leaps toward the future of learning

The latest round of Moonshot Grants have been awarded to fuel further exploration of the frontiers of learning. Since 2021, Remake Learning has invited educators to think boldly about the future of learning they want to see and test new ideas for how we might reach that preferred future. Selected grantees are eligible for grants of up to $70,000 to support their work.

Past grantees have redesigned professional development for teachers, expanded personalized learning in schools by abandoning traditional letter grades, experimented with community-based, multigenerational learning, and more. Now, eight new experiments are launching:

City Theatre Company, City Bridges

  Their Bold Idea: Build a bridge between the theater arts and high-tech careers

City Theatre Company envisions a future where theater arts are prioritized in a well-rounded education. By exposing more students to on- and off-stage careers in the performing arts, and highlighting the transferable skills they can develop in theater training, the program will expand career pipelines for high school students.

Assemble, Ramp-Up

  Their Bold Idea: Create and certify new pathways for learners of color to become out-of-school educators

In Assemble’s preferred future, out-of-school educators are valued and supported, and there are clear pathways for BIPOC and LGBTQIA learners to become educators. To get there, the organization is exploring new ways to provide training and accreditation to out-of-school educators, especially for those who have been disconnected from academic pathways.

Baldwin-Whitehall School District, Fly Like a Girl

  Their Bold Idea: Build a drone flight learning ecosystem led by girls

Baldwin-Whitehall School District sees a significant future for drone technology, but recognizes today’s drone pilot industry is male-dominated. Their Moonshot idea is to collaborate with other area school districts to create a career-focused academy for girls in high school that will provide early access to curriculum, equipment, and hands-on training.

West Virginia Public Education Collaborative, Teachers Ascend into West Virginia

  Their Bold Idea: Make West Virginia a destination for new teachers

West Virginia Public Education Collaborative envisions a future in which there is no shortage of excellent teachers in West Virginia. Informed by West Virginia’s Remote Worker and Retention Program Ascend, their Moonshot project will explore new ideas for recruiting and retaining teachers in Appalachia by prioritizing the needs of aspiring educators.

Duquesne City School District, Reimagining Teacher Time

  Their Bold Idea: Dedicate teacher time to personalization

In Duquesne City School District’s preferred future, teachers develop personalized instruction for each of their students. The district will cultivate partnerships with out-of-school time educators to embed their expertise into the school, simultaneously creating more time for teachers to develop personalized learning plans for every student.

Intermediate Unit 1, Art & Digital Fabrication Residency

  Their Bold Idea: Close the gap between art and technology

Intermediate Unit 1 (IU1) envisions a future where high-tech hands-on learning is valued and recognized for its impact on students, especially students in rural schools. To make that future a reality, IU1 will partner with Pittsburgh Center for the Arts and Media to launch a residency program that will pair working artists with digital fabrication teachers to create unique hands-on learning experiences for students in five school districts in Greene County.

South Allegheny School District, Taking Off

  Their Bold Idea: Diversify aviation careers

South Allegheny School District sees high flying futures for its students in the field of aviation. While more than 30% of the district’s student population are racial minorities, less than 3% of commercial pilots are people of color. To correct this imbalance, the district will implement a four-year aviation careers curriculum open to all students in grades 9-12.

World Affairs Council, Youth-Led Adult Ally Training

  Their Bold Idea: Empower young people to educate their educators

World Affairs Council envisions a future led by globally-minded young people equipped with the resources to take charge of their future. To get there, the organization will recruit young people to design continuing education workshops for educators and other adults who work with youth.

Congratulations to each and every grantee. We can’t wait to see where your Moonshot missions will take us.

Do you have a project or big idea that deserves a Moonshot? Moonshot grants will return again in 2023, so stay tuned for the next opportunity.

Support for Moonshot Grants is generously provided by The Grable Foundation and The Claude Worthington Benedum Foundation.