Remake Learning Grants

Helping network members transform ideas into action.

Remake Learning offers catalytic grants to support innovative learning projects and practices throughout southwestern Pennsylvania and northern West Virginia.

Moonshot Grants

  Congratulations to our Round One and Round Two recipients! 

Building on the bold, experimental work of the Tomorrow Grants, Remake Learning is excited to introduce Moonshot Grants!

Moonshot Grants support big, bold ideas in teaching and learning, ideas that address the challenges and the opportunities currently facing young people, educators, and caregivers.

As we continue to respond to pandemic conditions and grapple with a changing social, economic, political, and racial landscape, a return to our previous status quo is unlikely. Moonshot Grants approach this reality as an opportunity, seeking ideas, collaborators, solutions, and innovations that both address existing challenges and anticipate new ones.

Preferred Future of Learning

Moonshot Grants will challenge applicants to envision what they hope learning will look like in ten to twenty years, what we call a preferred future of learning. Successful applicants will look for inspiration in signals of change, or the early examples of how preferred futures are emerging today. Their projects will capture the bold, experimental actions we can take today to accelerate us toward a preferred future.

Preference will be given to projects that prioritize bold experimentation, incorporate collaboration, and center equity and justice.

Grant recipients will join the Moonshot cohort and further develop their ideas through professional learning and community building.

Moonshot FAQ

Find answers to common Moonshot Grant questions. Still stumped? Email for help.

  • 1. Can my district/organization submit more than one proposal?

    Only one proposal per organization will be reviewed per funding round. If your proposal is not awarded funding in Round 1, you are free to submit a proposal again in Round 2. If your proposal is awarded funding in Round 1, your organization will not be eligible for funding in Round 2.

  • 2. Can my district/organization receive more than one Moonshot Grant?

    Districts/organizations are eligible to receive only one grant.

  • 3. Can I preview the proposal form?

    Yes, a PDF of the proposal form can be found here.

  • 4. Is the application different between the two funding tiers?

    Yes. Because advancing funding asks applicants to base their proposed idea on other exploratory projects or early research, the proposal for this tier of funding will contain additional questions, as well as having longer character limits for questions.

  • 5. How do I know which funding tier I should pursue?

    Review the explainer document closely for differences between the two funding tiers. If your idea is based on or influenced by existing projects—be that in the education landscape or in other industries/sectors—you may wish to consider applying for advancing funds (up to $70,000). You will be asked to provide examples of this research or work in the application for advancing funds. If your idea is highly experimental and intends to test something entirely new, you may wish to consider applying for catalytic funds.

  • 6. If awarded, when will I receive the grant funds?

    Grant funds will be distributed by mail approximately one month after the notification date.

  • 7. By when do grant funds need to be spent?

    Grants will close one calendar year from award notification, with all funds needing to be spent by then.

  • 8. Can my district/organization partner with another?

    Partnerships are encouraged. If partnering with another organization, please select one to act as the primary applicant and recipient of grant funds.

  • 9. Who will review Moonshot Grant proposals?

    Proposals will be reviewed by a committee comprised of Remake Learning network members. Each proposal will be read and scored independently by two reviewers.

  • 10. Who do I contact with questions or tech issues?

    Questions can be directed to