Three Questions with 12 Network Members

On November 15th, a few dozen members of the Remake Learning network gathered at MuseumLab to enjoy an informal evening together. Food was eaten, glasses were raised, hugs were given, business cards were exchanged, games were played, remarks were made.

Alongside the good fellowship, we asked a few members to share their reflections on the past year, their own learning experiences, and what they’re looking forward to in 2023.

What's one cool thing you experienced this year as part of Remake Learning?

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Stan Whiteman
Stan Whiteman, Highlands Elementary School
At the Bash, I formed an awesome partnership with CMU. Now this week, we begin working together with our district’s middle school and high school. Had I not come to the Bash, I don’t know if it would’ve happened.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Jason Swanson and his companion
Jason Swanson, KnowledgeWorks
It’s been really personally gratifying to watch the Personalized Learning Framework come together.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Jason Margolis
Jason Margolis, National Road PA
I have a project called Kids for Kids where kids in schools make artwork for other kids in difficult circumstances. One of the districts was South Fayette. They were so into the project and their kids did so much work for other kids that they decided to host a Remake Learning Days event all about it.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Damola Idowu
Damola Idowu, Toyz Electronics
Coming to the fifteenth anniversary and getting to meet a lot of people that I’ve interacted with digitally over the past couple of years. To put a face to a digital persona. That was cool.

What's the hardest thing you ever learned?

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Dror Yaron.
Dror Yaron, Ethics .Coach
Moving to the United States and understanding where everything is and how you go about it. Knowing where to buy milk—where do they put it in the store? Just went through it, there was no choice.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Olivia Harris and Nick Tasz
Olivia Harris, PA Connecting Communities
Breaking the barrier in employment. Not limiting yourself. My career started off as a history major and slowly transitioned into employment services for those with disabilities. The journey has been the hardest part. Don’t limit your career path based on what you previously chose.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of RJ Long
R.J. Long, Northgate Middle School
How to lay brick, learned from my grandfather who was a bricklayer.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of John Balash and family
John Balash, Entertainment Technology Center
Being a parent. It’s ongoing. We’ll see if we make it through. That’s taking the cake right now.

What do you want to learn in 2023?

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Becky Gaugler
Becky Gaugler, Maxo Vanka Murals
I played the violin starting in third grade, but then gave it up after college. But now my seven year old is playing, and wants me to play with her, so this is my opportunity to relearn.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Alka Singh
Alka Singh, MonkeyPod
I want to learn how to be better at being uncomfortable. I’m moderately ok at it, but I can always get better.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Nicole Smith and RJ Long
Nicole Smith, Northgate High School
I want to learn more about the science of reading and how early literacy happens.

A head-and-shoulders portrait of Lior Schenk
Lior Schenk, Environmental Charter School
How to find my intention and stay with it.