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Dedicated to innovation and next practice in education

Connected Learning was born in Saint Louis but has grown to be a regional leader in connecting teachers and leaders to the best people, tools, and resources to maximize classroom learning. Connected Learning recognizes that many in education are lonely, exhausted and disillusioned with the system, and it will take a new energized network to revitalize the work in all schools. Connected Learning hosts, supports, and sponsors over 15 events annually that start conversations, build solutions, and unite the voice of the best educators. Connected Learning has been able to connect over 12,000 educators around fresh ideas and the energy of excellent education. Connected Learning is the home of the Saint Louis edcluster that is home to nineteen different organizations that are working together to market, share, and support events and ideas across the region. Finally, Connected Learning support students through the advocacy of choice, voice, and authentic audience in all classrooms as the foundation for an an excellent educational experience.

Connected Learning is focused on professional learning for all educators from teachers to superintendents with additional opportunities for students, community members, and parents. Connected Learning has been built by educators, for educators. It is currently a leadership team of twelve individuals surrounded by a team of 40-50 volunteers that support our events. In addition, Connected Learning is supported by a board of directors that brings resources and guidance to the organization.

Project Partners

Education Plus
Google Education Group of Eastern Missouri
Innovative Technology Education Fund

Project Supporters

Clark and Fox Family Foundation
Kauffman Foundation

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