Photo from a meeting of the Remake Learning Council

Western PA Learning 2025 Alliance

The Western Pennsylvania Learning 2025 Alliance is a cohort of 34 school districts working to prepare Pittsburgh-area students for tomorrow. The Alliance provides workshops, expert speakers, networking, and professional development services tailored to each school district’s unique goals.

Convened by AASA, The School Superintendents Association, the Learning 2025 Alliance empowers schools to tailor plans to the needs of their learners, educators, and communities in alignment with the vision for systemic detailed in An American Imperative: A New Vision of Public Schools.

Schools participating in the alliance focus on three key areas:

  • Building an intentional, relationship-based culture that is whole-learner focused, future-driven, and leaves no learner marginalized.
  • Reorienting learning around the learner, especially their social, emotional, and cognitive needs
  • Determining how to unlock resources to meet ALL learners’ needs

To support the schools’ efforts towards transformation, the Learning 2025 Alliance engages districts in a community of practice where they can learn together with their peers in the region and across the US. Cohort members participate in mentoring, collaborative workshops, and professional learning.

Support for the Western Pennsylvania Learning 2025 Alliance is provided by the Grable Foundation.

Participating Districts