Western PA Learning 2025 Alliance

The Western Pennsylvania Learning 2025 Alliance is a cohort of 34 school districts working to prepare Pittsburgh-area students for tomorrow. The Alliance provides workshops, expert speakers, networking, and professional development services tailored to each school district’s unique goals.

A coalition of 34 public school districts, the Alliance advances student-centered, equity-focused, future-driven school systems that prepare every learner for tomorrow. Co-led by Pittsburgh-area superintendents and AASA, the School Superintendents Association, the Alliance convenes for workshops and professional development facilitated by world-class experts. Together, these 34 districts are reimagining education and showing the world what school could be.

The Alliance’s programming is not prescriptive; rather, it supports and enhances the unique vision of each district’s students, families, teachers, and community. In one district, students learn science by growing food for families in need. In another, students in dual-credit classes earn college degrees before they’ve even finished high school. Still other districts have opened their doors to farm animals and therapy dogs; turned traditional classrooms into futuristic flight simulators; and launched cutting-edge workforce programs that help learners pursue their dreams.

The results speak for themselves. When AASA released its latest list of 49 standout public school systems — selected from nearly 14,000 across the United States — 14 were members of the Alliance. In fact, Western Pennsylvania now boasts the largest cluster of innovative school districts in the country. No other region offers its school districts such a comprehensive, collaborative opportunity.

Participating Districts