Logo for We All Eat. Tan construction worker or student wearing a yellow safety har with a hammer logo, red heart logo, and a grain. A large green leaf is in front of them.

The We All Eat Learn and Earn (WAE) project engages (potentially) disconnected youth and disrupts the school-to-prison pipeline by providing access to living-wage, in-demand career paths while developing the internal tools to be “work-ready.” Exploring career potentials in manufacturing, construction, and the food system of the future through a project-oriented, make-and-take format, participants are provided with a brief but full immersion in the tools, equipment, and processes that make up living wage, in-demand career paths while gaining valuable hard skills beneficial to both work and life. Laser beams, welding rods, chop saws, and robotic routers are components of the learning process.

Makers have to eat. Recognizing the nutrition needs of their service population, the value/cost of organic produce, and the disconnection of urban youth from their food system, We All Eat channels youth maker learning into the building and maintaining soilless growing systems and artistic plant-themed art and craft projects. The grown and made items fuel both participants and their entrepreneurial pursuits. 

Finally, their psychiatric/neuroscience team brings the best in modern holistic emotional and psychological wellness tools to support the development of healthy young adults. In conjunction with mindfulness training, partner ApolloNeuro offers participants access to the world’s first clinically proven wearable to adjust the nervous system and mitigate the impacts of toxic shock.

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