Steel City History Collaborative

This group, formed in spring of 2016, is meant to celebrate and support the teaching and learning of history and social studies in the region. History education is essential in providing opportunities for learners to develop a sense of place, identity, and empathy. It is also essential in contextualizing current events and appreciating our personal and shared heritage. This is no easy task and often made harder when education reform and funding are prioritized elsewhere.

The group is intended to highlight, broaden, and support these learning experiences by connecting formal and informal Social Studies educators in bi-monthly discussions focused around a specific teaching theme, tool, or question.  In addition we might dissect learning experiences, brainstorm collaborative projects, and make each other aware of resources and events in the region that might add to our work and the lives of our learners. The group meets in fantastic locations across the city and, of course, includes food and good conversation.

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