Startable Pittsburgh

Startable Pittsburgh is a free eight-week summer program in Pittsburgh, PA that teaches students ages 16-18 entrepreneurship and maker skills. Students develop, design, prototype, build, brand, market and sell products of their own creation by partnering with local retailers. Students earn a program stipend and keep all profits from the sale of their products.

Over the course of the summer, students learn to use numerous tools available to them through TechShop, while simultaneously learning entrepreneurial skills such as: developing, selling and marketing a product or service; managing a business, division or product line; connecting and networking with others; presenting and pitching ideas; and familiarity and training on various pieces of software and hardware equipment for design and fabrication.

Along with acquiring a full toolkit of maker and entrepreneurship skills, students in the program participate in a series of play-based learning modules that teach an array of life skills invaluable to their continued growth and development. Startable Pgh helps students begin to define their post-high school plans and offers resources to achieve their goals.

The program takes place each summer, and is open to all students aged 16-18. Applications open each year in early January.

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