Students work on their Sea, Air, Land Challenge Vehicle

The Penn State Electro Optics Center (EOC) is excited to announce a new Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) program – Sea, Land and Air Challenge. The EOC, an expert in unmanned sensor systems has established The Sea, Land and Air Challenge to provide the next generation of engineers and technicians with hands-on experience with engineering technologies.

This program focuses on developing an interest in engineering concepts through competitive, fun activities which is a powerful way to expose students to STEM career pathways. Regional high school students will gain experience in the design, integration, and testing of sensors (e.g. cameras, temperature sensors, GPS) into Remote Control vehicles. Interaction with engineering mentors will give exposure to ‘real-world’ engineering process and help incorporate scientific skills with hands on experience.

Project Objectives
• Teach the students standard engineering process and have them follow the process throughout their system development
• Provide the opportunity to interface with experienced engineers and scientists throughout the process
• Impress upon them the importance of teamwork in engineering projects
• Impress upon them that a good engineering journey leads to a good engineering result

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