PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives

PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives empowers young people in Pittsburgh by giving them a platform, tools, and training for media production and self-expression. It encourages dialogue across generations and brings fresh perspectives to the table when considering civic issues. It introduces young people to new technology and media, sparks novel ways of thinking, and contributes to skills development for employment.

Through the program, local youth produce 360-degree videos that tell their stories and provide their views on their neighborhoods and the city of Pittsburgh. Through this impactful and innovative medium, adults in positions of power get to walk for a while in the shoes of local young people and hear voices that are rarely included in discussions of civic life, growth, and change in Pittsburgh.

Youth in the program acquire the technical proficiency to create finished products in the new medium of 360 video. These foundational skills can be applied in marketing, training, and other business purposes as 360 video is increasingly adopted in a range of industries. The project thus contributes to the ability of young people in Pittsburgh to participate in the new tech economy. They will also gain confidence in self-expression through telling their stories in 360 and through speaking publicly about their videos. Local officials, corporations, educational institutions, and others in positions of power will gain insight into the experiences and views of youth in the city and will therefore be better able to address the needs of young people and to facilitate their participation in civic life and the local economy as they enter adulthood.

PGH in 360: Youth Perspectives is a project of New Sun Rising and the winner of Repair the World Pittsburgh’s 2018 Social Justice Innovation Weekend!

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