CLP Pathways from the Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh with Labs@CLP branches including Allegheny, East Liberty, and Brookline. Playlists and badges will formalize and expand connected learning opportunities including audio recording, video game design, digital camera skills, zinemaking, and sewing at new and existing Labs branches.

CLP has translated its existing digital badging system into a series of playlists with the goal of formalizing the existing areas of strengths (such as audio recording programs at CLP-Allegheny and video game design at CLP-Brookline) in order to create a model that can be replicated at all branches. CLP also proposes to expand on badging that focuses on the experiences central to Connected Learning by piloting LRNG playlists at five CLP locations that do not currently have dedicated Labs equipment and weekly programming.

The XPs cover a wide range of disciplines including:
• Audio Recording
• Video Game Level Design
• Video Camera
• Zinester
• Sewing Machine

After completing a playlist, learners will have connected with community partners who are experts in their areas of interest who can connect them to learning opportunities elsewhere in the community. Learners will additionally view the Library as a place in their community that supports learning and creativity in concrete ways beyond print materials and supports youth interests.

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