Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry

Light Bright Beautiful Puppetry engages audiences through imaginative storytelling – using puppetry and visual art to enhance every story we tell. We believe in the power of stories and images to communicate, teach and uplift audiences of all ages and abilities, but we especially enjoy the enthusiasm and imagination of the youngest learners. As both artists and educators Alison B and Alison Z create performances as well as hands on learning experiences and opportunities for play and experimentation for all ages. Collaboration, beauty and innovative thinking inspire us, as well as seeing children growing, learning and playing together. Designed for child and caregiver to learn together, our workshops and community activities include hands-on, scientific discovery, art making, puppetry, literacy and storytelling. At the same time, we reinforce discovery, observation and collaboration – skills that are important for everyone! We have an original shadow puppet performance: The Color Play and a series of hands-on STEAM workshops and professional development workshops on a variety of topics.


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