Screenshot of iQ Smart Media

WQED’s iQ smartmedia creates and promotes educational games, music, web and TV videos, events, and workshops for children to have fun and learn. The iQ smartemdia website aims to be accessible, “entertain and inform”, and help people express themselves and work together. To achieve this, the project takes advantage of the latest media.

iQ smartmedia also includes resources for parents and teachers on children’s education and entertainment. Examples include TV show-inspired activities to do together with children, and explanations of the educational value of the shows (for instance, Between the Lions builds literacy, wordplay, and vocabulary).

Other iQ media programs include iQ Zoo in which kids can use internet-capable cell phones to scan photographic codes placed at zoo exhibits and instantly access PBS videos on animal behaviors; Parent Institute which provides information and tools on raising children and coping with issues specific to modern times; and Raising Readers, a program to promote literacy with writing contests, activities, classroom visits, and more. A program currently being developed is The Web Channel, which will promote creativity and imagination by featuring kid-targeted works, often created by kids, and a web episode series.

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