Hear Me

Hear Me amplifies kids’ voices using media and technology to create a world where they are heard, acknowledged and understood, giving them the power to inspire social change. A conduit for kids’ voices that promotes the purposeful and responsible use of media by and for kids of all ages, Hear Me stimulates real change in their lives, their communities and the world.

The Hear Me project includes three different initiatives:

  • Hear Me… where students from pre-K to high school can create media (audio, written, art or video) that shares their “story”–their thoughts, experiences and ideas. These stories are shared through the Hear Me website and in both digital and physical projects.
  • Campaigns… that collect stories focused on a specific theme or tied to a strategic action plan to raise awareness. Stories are collected for four months and shared during the following four months via a kiosk and other specific campaign plans.
  • Hear Me 101… workshops that develop writing, technical, communication and media literacy skills in schools. The hands-on workshops invite students to express thoughts and opinions on their communities and their education, taking those valuable stories to community decision and education decision makers.
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