Girls of Steel Robotics Team

FIRST Team 3504,The Girls of Steel, was founded in the fall of 2010 at Carnegie Mellon University. Initially, the team consisted of 24 girls from 12 different schools, and 4 different educational options. The team welcomes applications from girls in the greater Pittsburgh area, regardless of financial status.

The team is fortunate and grateful to have the support of Carnegie Mellon University (CMU) and the Field Robotics Center. CMU serves as a central location for all the girls, coming from over a 600 square mile area, to learn and actively explore the field of robotics.

The name “Girls of Steel” was decided through a team brainstorming session. It meshes perfectly with the central image of our logo–Rosie the Riveter with a robotic arm. Rosie was made during World War II, illustrating the power of women who took over jobs in factories (producing munitions, etc.) when the men went to war.

“We Can Do It.” Rosie’s famous saying and the symbolism of female empowerment allow girls on the Girls of Steel team to feel that they are making a big contribution. In a male-dominated field, the Girls of Steel believe that it is crucial for women and girls feel respected as strong, hard workers.

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