Consciousness in Education is a project aimed to bridge the achievement gap between diverse student populations. The mission of Consciousness in Education is to provide students, parents, and education professionals alternative resources for behavior management to increase student engagement.

The inception of the Education for All Handicapped Children’s Act of 1975, Public Law 94-142 (renamed Individuals with Disabilities Education Act under PL 101-476 in 1990), serves four purposes:

  1. To ensure that special education services are available to children who need them
  2. To guarantee that decisions about services to students with disabilities are fair and appropriate
  3. To establish specific management and auditing requirements for special education
  4. To provide federal funds to help the states educate students with disabilities

Consciousness in Education provides a safe space for students to learn to self-regulate their behavior by implementing Muse technology. Muse brain fitness headbands use an EEG system to measure brainwaves and track data in real time with sounds of weather and nature to represent calm, neutral, and active states. Users can earn points for relaxed states and for recovering from active states. The data can be saved for long-term progress and goals.

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