Jane Werner / photo: Ben Filio

Jane Werner, Executive Director of the The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, has often said, when interviewed, that working in her field requires a good sense of humor, a commitment to remaining open-minded, and an overall sense of optimism. Of course, in the world of children and learning, in general, all these qualities do apply on a daily basis and are what keeps she and her team innovative, gracious, and ready for anything.

Under her guidance, the museum is award-winning and well-known, winning such recent honors as Parents Magazine’s 10 Best Children’s Museums in 2011, a mention by ParentsConnect in 2010 as a top kid party place, and a green building management award a few years ago. Under her enthusiastic and playful watchful eye, however, the museum is comfortable, neighborly, and provides constant inspiration for the world’s future creators, scientists, and innovators. She can recount many stories of inspiration and downright fun regarding children and their parents, and she can also cite a slew of accolades from community educators and academic and educational partners.

Jane is a member of the Remake Learning Council.

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