photo of Khadijah Waalee

Khadijah Waalee is a PA certified teacher with a BS in Applied Developmental Psychology in Education from the University of Pittsburgh, and a MEd in Instruction in Learning from the University of Pittsburgh. Khadijah holds teaching certifications in Pre-K-4 regular education, and Pre-K- 8th Special Education, she also has earned a MEd in Reading and Literacy Education in the fall from Duquesne University, as well as the Reading Specialist Certification K-12th.

Khadijah worked as a preschool teacher for over a year locally and taught at Pittsburgh Public Schools as a teacher along with other local charter schools. She interned at Duquesne University’s Reading Clinic for a full academic year. She has a history of providing academic interventions to students and making a substantial amount of growth in her students. She lived in the Homewood Community for 5 vital years of her life. She attended the local schools including Gladstone and Westinghouse. She graduated from Westinghouse in 1999. After graduating from high school, she has lived in many neighborhoods throughout the city.

Khadijah decided to become an educator after discovering that many high school students could barely read. She decided then that she needed to provide a literacy foundation that prepared children at a young age to become strong readers so they can have more favorable outcomes in life. Khadijah Waalee recently founded Endless Potential Learning, a nonprofit to prevent the summer slide in children and to intervene to provide highly intensive reading interventions to help get struggling readers closer to grade level. Penitentiaries are built based off children’s 3rd and 4th grade reading achievement scores. Pennsylvania allocates funds based off the data that supports that children that aren’t proficient by those grades will likely never become proficient. Khadijah’s program creates hope for these struggling readers and the community as a whole.

Our children are our future. Endless Potential Learning is conveniently located locally, and they specialize in reading. Their interventions use only research-proven methods of improving reading and literacy. Prior to receiving interventions, students receive a complete diagnostic assessment to determine phonemic awareness level, high frequency word knowledge, phonics skills, reading accuracy, reading fluency, comprehension skills and overall reading level. Instruction begins at the first place the child demonstrates need and after each skill is learned the student progresses forward. Children are placed in groups with children with similar needs. Highest need children receive preference. At the end of each program each child is assessed using the same types of assessments that were administered at the beginning to determine growth throughout the program.

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