Jessica Trybus

Jessica Trybus, faculty member of Carnegie Mellon University’s Entertainment Technology Center (ETC), has the pleasure of being able to say she was present during the formulation of the Kids+Creativity Network. While talking with executive director of The Grable Foundation Gregg Behr over coffee the two discussed a vision of uniting different groups in Pittsburgh to create new opportunities for kids relating to technology, creativity, and education. From that conversation Behr went on to make that conversation a reality. Trybus has supported the Kids+Creativity Network, now Remake Learning, ever since. She also helped to develop the idea for the Makeshop at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, a space where kids can come up with an idea for a project and then build it.

At the ETC, Trybus works to secure sponsorships from foundations and for-profit companies for the center’s special projects and often serves as the ETC representative, and teaching faculty, for graduate student projects relating to children, creativity and STEAM learning. Trybus is also the CEO and founder of the 2005 CMU spin-off company Simcoach Games (originally called Etcetera Edutainment). Simcoach Games delivers games for learning and positive behavior change. The company has worked with many large organizations in various industries to provide workforce training games that impact productivity, customer service, safety and operational excellence.  The company’s “Simcoach Skill Arcade” is a mobile platform that delivers and tracks (via “badging”) many on-demand training games and drives engagement, performance and skilling-up of a workforce.

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