Amalia Kalisz Tonsor

Every day I walk around in a world crazy with signs and symbols and stories, layers and layers of meaning. All these things are real because they were thought up and made by somebody. When I go from there, I know we all have a role to play in making up the world we want to live in, and I see art and digital media as tools to visioning, designing and communicating those possibilities. That magic is especially powerful when we make stuff together. Through our sounds, words, images, movements, gizmos— we tell our stories, giving each other the lenses to see different experiences and the tools to create change.

I’m a dabbler: a writer, printmaker, bedazzler, sometimes performer, musician and tinkerer, trying to sew together a world that sounds like justice and feels like a surprise party. My story comes out in lots of forms, but it’s all got roots in the big feeling that we’re part of something dizzying and true, and we’ve got to make it as lovely as we can. In a complicated and difficult world, I see learning and healing as one and the same, and I am interested in learning spaces that are shaped by the recognition that we are all teaching and learning all the time.

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