Quincy Kofi Swatson is a social entrepreneur devoted to youth education and development through urban agriculture within the City of Pittsburgh. He has worked on community youth initiatives through various organizations such as the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, GTECH and Adonai Center while building his career in the non-profit sector.

Over the past several years, Quincy has served on the boards of Grow Pittsburgh, Sustainable Pittsburgh, and the NAACP. Quincy has served as a ReClaim Northside ambassador and One Young World Ambassador and graduated from the CORO Next leadership program. Recently, he was named “10 People to Meet” by the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette in 2015 and was selected in the 2017 cohort of the New Leaders Council.

Quincy went on to study psychology, focusing on the psychological effects of generational poverty on minority communities. During this time, he became frustrated with what he saw as the inequity of resources being offered to black youth that live in impoverished communities. His studies led him to realize that the barrier to success was a generation of kids not equipped with the tools necessary to succeed. Upon realizing that he wanted to become an agent of change in his community and beyond, Quincy got to work.

Community-minded and socially motivated, Quincy started The Door Campaign in 2014 to foster the human capital of underprivileged youth. In honor of this milestone, Quincy cut off his signature dreadlocks to symbolize an “unlocking of doors”. Through this organization and other projects to follow he hopes to elevate the marginalized youth to positions of socio-economic importance and create a chain-effect that will benefit individuals and communities for years to come.

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