Gregg Stone

Gregg Stone is the Director of Curriculum and Implementation at MAD-learn. After 30 years of teaching and leading educational technology initiatives, Gregg came to work for MAD-learn in 2013. He helps to create curricula that used app building as a vehicle to teach vital and transferable (aka “soft”) skills.

The MAD-learn program, based on the Design Thinking process, helps students learn not just how to become creators of technology, but also why they should. It is also intended to give students authentic opportunities to see what it takes to be both traditional and social entrepreneurs. As Director of Curriculum and Implementation, Gregg has built versions of MAD-learn to engage both elementary and secondary students, and he trains teachers to deliver the program online and on-site. The program has grown to be included at schools in over twenty-five states, as well as a half dozen countries throughout the world. More about MAD-learn at

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