Megan Sommers

After a spending a decade in the classroom, Megan Sommers now serves as the Academic Director at Steel City Squash (SCS). Megan has always been one for innovation and change for the overall good.  After coming to Steel City Squash from Fairfax County Schools, she addressed the needs of program’s students, and immediately got to work on how to obtain what they needed.

During the first year of her employment at SCS, she was able to implement a one to one ratio with technology (chromebooks) per student that they use to help them with homework, or as an enrichment tool on the Google Classroom that is set up to guide students to work on weaknesses in math, spelling, reading, writing and grammar. Megan has also been able to help students increase their overall grades at their respective schools by building positive relationships with teachers and staff in each building, helping students with time management and decision making skills. Megan also turned around the Mentor Me Program at Squash and is very proud of the first National Accreditation the program has earned under her leadership.

Steel City Squash also offers a summer program and Megan chose to focus on STEAM and literacy. She has been very excited with how the young ladies have been very into the STEAM and young men are very much into the literacy. Megan tries to pick books that are reflective of the world and the current climate so that the students can have open and honest conversations.

While Megan was a teacher in Fairfax County Public Schools she was able to write curriculum for the entire county and streamline other classes within her first year as a teacher there. She also wrote grants for mobile computer carts, iPads for her ESOL classroom and was able to pilot a new class for the County as well. Her proudest memory of Fairfax was when when she earned a spot in the VCET Program through George Mason University and had the opportunity to talk to  lawmakers on the hill about Education Policy and the DREAM Act.

Prior to her tenure in Fairfax County, she taught at Grier School and Penn State University.  Megan always knew she was going to be an educator and truly loves her job. She thinks that being able to inspire greatness is the best thing to do everyday!

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