In 2003, Tracy transitioned from working as an engineer to an educator in order to make a difference in peoples’ lives.  She found a way as a physics teacher to not only share her passion for engineering and problem solving but also to influence and inspire today’s youth. Recently, Tracy has transitioned to technology education, specifically robotics.  Though she is no expert, she is driven to find new, relevant ways to prepare students to be engaged in an ever-changing world.

Tracy believes that learning isn’t just for the classroom, but for every moment in the day. As an educator, she emphasizes the importance of life skills such as communication, conflict resolution, self-efficacy, social-emotional growth, and executive function in addition to learning technical content. She encourages participation in various activities outside of the school day to apply knowledge and skillsets to personal and relevant scenarios.​

She is a proud wife and mother of four strong children. Every day she tries to find ways to positively impact their lives. To ensure a fulfilling life for her family, she knows that she can not only focus on their individual development, but the overall growth of her community as a whole. This world needs strong individuals to become agents of change in this complex time. Tracy looks to become a key tool in this undertaking for her family, neighborhood, and global community.

Tracy’s life has been filled with many exciting adventures both personally and professionally and she knows this is just the beginning.  Passion and a desire to make a difference in this world empower Tracy to explore new opportunities to make education relevant and accessible to all.

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