Photo of Lorraine Shaffer.

Lorraine is a retired elementary school and computer technology teacher. In 2018 she founded Kid’s Innovation Playground (KiP). KiP delivers low-cost, high-quality, engaging STEAM programming for children Pre-K to 8th grade in northern Butler County. Over 550 children have participated in robotics, engineering, video production, and tech tinkering in the past two years. She is dedicated to bridging the gap in technological exposure and understanding for children, parents, and educators in northern Butler County. She enthusiastically engages participants of all ages in STEAM and facilitates activities that promote a healthy growth mindset.

Innovation and creativity need to be nurtured, appreciated, and expressed using multiple modalities with opportunities available for every child regardless of perceived abilities, social status, and race. Disproportionate emphasis on testing has stifled many children needlessly. She has created a much-needed location for children to “try on” a variety of personal enrichment and career paths. KiP is able to reach a population of children for whom traditional educational settings may constricting and who thrive in their out-of-school time programs.

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