Jesse Schell

Game designer and professor Jesse Schell didn’t think his suggestion would be so popular. At a Kids+Creativity meeting of minds hosted by MAYA design, Jesse pitches his idea for a project utilizing the resources of the various representatives present. He speaks of a dream factory where kids can decide they want to make something and then make it. Jesse’s idea receives a lot of positive interest, particularly from executive director of Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh, Jane Werner. Jane will go on after the meeting to develop the idea further with Jesse, some of his colleagues, and her own staff. Jesse’s dream factory has been realized and is now called MAKESHOP, hosted by the museum.

When not coming up with ideas for Kids+Creativity Network, Jesse is either coming up with ideas for the clients of his game design company, Schell Games, or helping students come up with ideas in his classes. He teaches at Carnegie Mellon’s Entertainment Technology Center. Schell Games is currently working with The Fred Rogers Company on their new show Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, developing interactive features and games for the show’s website, mobile platforms, and tablets. These games will reinforce the show’s social and emotional lessons for kids aged three to six.

Jesse is a member of the Remake Learning Council.

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