Dr. Rogers has been teaching in college classrooms, nonprofits, and DIY spaces since 2011, and has been an arts educator in local organizations since she arrived in Pittsburgh in 2015. She earned her doctoral degree in Women’s Studies from the University of Maryland, College Park in 2017. Her dissertation, Soft Circuitry: Methods for Queer and Trans Feminist Maker Cultures, explored the roots of contemporary maker movements in feminist art worlds, and argued that such movements are active sites of queer and trans feminist intervention in which “creativity,” “entrepreneurship,” and “innovation” are being redefined. Dr. Rogers believes that access to art is not only a common good, but that it can save lives. She is passionate about manifesting gender, racial, and environmental justice through craft and creativity, and is excited to work toward more sustainable worlds in her role as Youth Program Director at the Millvale Community Library.

She is also an avid gardener, and enjoys making durational compost art on her kitchen counter. She loves butterflies, owls, succulents, and dirt. When she’s not hanging out with plants she’s stitching, making zines, practicing astrology, and rescuing treasure from the side of the road. You can find some of her projects using reclaimed materials at Hyperrhiz and Thresholds. She has published about her work with transdisciplinary feminist makerspaces in the 2017 volume Making Things and Drawing Boundaries: Experiments in the Digital Humanities, edited by Jentery Sayers.

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