Jeff Remington

Jeff Remington is one of ten National STEM Teacher Ambassadors from a program administered by The National Science Teachers Association (NSTA) and the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics (NCTM) and funded by the National Science Foundation. A National STEM Teacher Ambassador’s role is to advocate for and to effectively communicate Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM) education to stakeholders, including policy makers and elected lawmakers.  In Pennsylvania, Jeff is helping to facilitate the exploration and adoption of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) in Pennsylvania as part of enhancing the overall STEM strength of Pennsylvania.

Jeff  has enthusiastically championed the power of STEM education and mentorship as a means to improving people’s lives. As a lifelong learner himself, he especially enjoys being on the giving and receiving end of educational mentorship opportunities. Jeff studied the sciences and education at Indiana University of Pennsylvania and Adult Training and Development at Pennsylvania State University. He has had a fulfilling career teaching middle school science for over 30 years and, for 20 years, has taught in Lebanon Valley College’s Masters of Science Education program, the undergraduate education program and as a thesis advisor. In addition, Jeff has done Science and Technology trainings and consulting for business, professional organizations, non-profits, government agencies, and community organizations.

Through the encouragement and kindness of many mentors, Jeff has received numerous accolades include the 2002 Presidential Award for Excellence in Science and Mathematics Teaching, The Paul DeHart Hurd Award For Exemplary Middle Level Science Teaching and Leadership, and The Nevelyn J. Knisley Award for Inspirational Teaching by a Lebanon Valley College Adjunct Faculty Member. Jeff is especially passionate about bringing educational opportunities to those who have limited access to them. Along with his wife, Helen, he has helped to create and sustain science and technology classrooms in St. Marc, Haiti, and has been an advocate for decreasing the digital divide that exists between developed and underdeveloped nations.

Jeff’s most recent STEM work involves STEM/STREAM training for the Ministry of Education in the United Arab Emirates and creating STEMonstrations for NASA and the International Space Station.  In addition, Jeff is actively involved informing lawmakers and policymakers of the value of the adopting NGSS in Pennsylvania as a means to promote STEM equity and strength across the state.



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