Headshot for Marcus Reid.

Marcus Reid is a unique, multi-talented rapper, singer, and dancer striving to be a positive influence for the next generation of artists and entertainers by providing influential music and creative performances for all ages and audiences. His energy, passion, and professionalism for his craft are displayed in every performance. He’s been creating music for more than 15 years, written more than 35 songs, and delivered more than 70 performances in PA and neighboring states. Marcus infuses the “skill of a rapper” with the “message of a mentor” in his philosophical lyrics about his life experiences, perspectives for today’s culture, youth mentoring, and his vision for the future of “Positive Hip Hop.” He’s from Natrona Heights, PA, and currently resides in Oakmont, PA.

What is Positive Hip Hop (PHH)? It’s hip hop music with clean, non-explicit lyrics that convey love, respect, peace, and unity for all people. PHH also promotes youth mentoring, character building, education, family values, community engagement, and charity. Lyrics are the main ingredient for PHH music.

Marcus is seeking like-minded beat-makers, producers, promoters, graphic designers, artists, lyricists, songwriters, videographers, choreographers, dancers, entrepreneurs, community advocates etc., to collaborate and build a positive team that will add value to the hip hop culture.

Recordings by Marcus: 

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