Ashley Lynn Priore

Ashley Lynn Priore is the founder, president and CEO of Queen’s Gambit, a national, multi-departmental hybrid nonprofit and social enterprise using chess as a catalyst for change and a model to empower, educate, and impact a better society. Ashley is the author of four books, including Let’s Learn Chess!, and is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts in English and Politics at the University of Pittsburgh. She also leads Y-22, a youth on boards movement, and Youth Political Strategies, a campaign organization supporting candidates who support young people. Ashley ran for public office in 2019 and remains committed to equitable politics (currently, she co-founded and co-leads Our Right to Justice which achieves for a more equitable Supreme Court). Her writing, focusing on politics, social justice, and entertainment, has been featured in national platforms including MS. Magazine, Thrive Global, and Buzzfeed.

At the age of fourteen, she founded the Queens Gambit Chess Institute to support Pittsburgh’s youth through the spirit of innovation, creativity, and civic engagement. At the age of 19, Ashley founded Queens Gambit Strategies Co. dedicated to strategy consulting through chess theory. Under her leadership, Queen’s Gambit has established chess in all 9 districts of Pittsburgh and built relationships across Pennsylvania. Ashley has led national initiatives including the Proud Pennsylvanian, TogetherPGH, and the Pittsburgh Neighborhood Project. Along with maintaining a growing annual budget through fundraising and donor support and establishing innovative programs and partnerships, Ashley’s “chess theory” consulting model has completely modernized the chess world. Queen’s Gambit encourages communities and individuals to use strategy tools to navigate the future. From overseeing community development to working with national leaders, Ashley views chess as a way to solve some of society’s biggest obstacles.

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