Corey O'Connor

Councilman Corey O’Connor represents District 5th on Pittsburgh City Council, which includes Squirrel Hill South, Hazelwood, Greenfield, Lincoln Place, Glen Hazel, Regent Square, Hays, and New Homestead. O’Connor began his career in public service as a Community Development Representative for U.S. Congressman Mike Doyle’s Pittsburgh District Office.   A life-long Democrat, Corey has been active in other election campaigns, including his late father’s mayoral and council campaigns.

In 2017, Councilman O’Connor launched the Youth Budget Council program. The Youth Budget Council is a program led by youth that focuses on promoting youth’s understanding of city government work, developing youth leadership, elevating youth voices in the city of Pittsburgh, and providing a platform for youth to propose and fund projects that directly relate to their concerns.

Pittsburgh’s City youth and children have limited access to government officials, they lack programs that promote their direct engagement with city government, and are often absent in the conversation about development.

Recognizing this need and the importance of highlighting youth’s lived experiences, the Youth Budget Council aims to provide youth with the skills, opportunity and access to engage city government directly with project proposals that directly pertain to Pittsburgh’s youth.


  1. Advance a sense of civic engagement through program participation.
  2. Create a meaningfully engaging program for youth to participate in the budgetary process.
  3. Equip youth with skills to advocate for themselves.
  4. Equip youth with skills to engage in the City Council budget process.
  5. Empower youth to advocate for issues they are passionate about in the city.
  6. Empower youth to make informed decisions about city budgetary choices.
  7. Expose youth to organizations, groups, allies and individuals who work on youth and children.

  Learning Outcomes:

  1. Identify key issues and areas of collaboration within City Council.
  2. Involve youth in the political and legislative processes.
  3. Grow a sense of place with youth and children of Pittsburgh.
  4. Learn about City Council work, functions, challenges and limitations.
  5. Learn advocacy strategies.
  6. Learn from and about local organizations that support youth and children.
  7. Learn skills to use feedback to develop work strategies.
  8. Learn to identify areas for collaboration within City Council and organizations in Pittsburgh.
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