Adam Nye

As the Director of City as our Campus, Adam Nye helps to integrate community resources into the learning experiences of students at Winchester Thurston School. He assists teachers in partnering and collaborating with various community resources throughout Pittsburgh, including museums, artists, makerspaces, and others.

Adam began his work in education at Pennsylvania State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Education and Public Policy. As one of the first students in this program, he was able to have ownership over his studies and gain a solid understanding of many different educational issues. During this time, Adam interned with the Pittsburgh Association of Education and A+ Schools. He went on to receive a Masters of Education at the University of Pittsburgh and focused on the benefits on informal learning experiences for students.

The work that Adam has done has focused on embedding informal learning experiences in formal schooling. As the Associate Director of Education at the Thinkery (Austin Children’s Museum), he created a new educator empowerment program that equipped educators with skills to incorporate modern technology into their daily practice. Adam also served as the MAKESHOP Manager at Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh. In this role, he helped to implement the MAKESHOP program and supported the growth of an initiative to prepare educators with maker skills.

Adam is most interested in how the learning experiences of students can be enhanced through connected learning models where various learning institutions are connected and collaborate for the betterment of their community.

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