Headshot for Tammi Morton.

Tammi is a Project Coordinator for PEAL Center, the Pennsylvania Parent Training and Information Center. The focus of her work is ensuring that all students have access to the general education curriculum. As part of this work, she collaborates with the Bureau of Special Education, HUNE, and PaTTAN in a personnel development grant that trains both families and educators.

Stemming from this initiative is a statewide network called FAMILIES TO THE MAX. This network recognizes the importance of family engagement in achieving successful outcomes beyond school, and families take a lead role in the development and delivery of training and events.

Tammi has a specific interest in Universal Design for Learning (UDL) and trauma-informed classrooms, and she believes that these two areas of practice align with the assertion that trauma-informed practices are UDL for behavior. Ideally, she hopes schools and communities will create environments that are conducive to learning, equity, and cultural awareness.

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