Peter Mathis

Pete Mathis is a dedicated educator who is spending his time and effort to transform public education. He invests his time in challenging the status quo and frequently enjoys frolicking around the normative practice box. He purposefully engages others in this transformational work because he understands that a collective action is needed when seeking improvement to complex educational problems. He takes a student-centered approach to his work that is situated under a constructivism epistemology umbrella. Coupled with this epistemology, Pete enjoys tinkering with technology to enhance learning.

As an educationally engaged intellectual, Pete is interested in a variety of topics, but has a soft spot for student growth and development. He is passionate about developing authentic experiences for students where they can showcase their abilities in a variety of ways. Specifically, he is interested in documenting and communicating student growth as a continuum rather than a moment in time.

Pete is an administrator at Shady Side Academy and works with talented educators who enjoy applying a unique lens to how education is “done”.

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