photo of Denise Manganello

Dr. Denise Manganello is an accomplished educator and researcher who has made significant contributions to education and technology. Her career is at the intersection of innovative pedagogies and digital technologies, aiming to transform student learning experiences. With an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership, she focuses on online learning.

Dr. Manganello’s work is highly relevant to the Remake Learning Network due to her expertise in designing and implementing technology-enhanced learning environments.

Dr. Manganello deeply understands how emerging technologies can be leveraged to foster creativity, critical thinking, and collaboration among students. One of Dr. Manganello’s current projects is developing a virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR), and reality platform for cyber education in her new Seneca Valley Drop-In Center. Recognizing the potential of VR and AR to immerse students in realistic and engaging learning scenarios, she is working with Carnegie Mellon University to implement a classroom to include children who cannot attend traditional schools.

Furthermore, Dr. Manganello has been a critical advocate of maker education within the Remake Learning Network. She has collaborated with local schools and community organizations to establish cutting-edge tools and technologies. Her Future Fitness project aims to empower students to become active creators and problem-solvers by integrating hands-on-making experiences with core academic subjects.

In addition to her project-based work, Dr. Manganello is an active member of the KnowledgeWorks and Remake Learning Network, regularly participating in personalized learning. In 2023, she and her colleagues hosted a workshop to share her knowledge and expertise. She also has mentored cyber educators within her OPT partnership, guiding them on integrating technology into their classrooms and fostering a culture of creativity and innovation.

Dr. Denise Manganello’s commitment to transforming education through technology and her emphasis on hands-on, experiential learning align closely with the values and goals of the Remake Learning Network. Her work inspires educators and students to embrace innovative approaches to teaching and learning, ultimately reshaping the educational landscape to prepare students for future challenges.

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