Lyn Krynski / photo: John Altdorfer

In 2007, Lyn Krynski realized kids programming in Pittsburgh could be greater than the sum of its parts. That year she was one of ten nonprofit leaders from the region who, serving as advisors to The Grable Foundation, took a trip to Toronto, a city recognized for its unified mission to protect and engage its youth.

“That visit was really energizing,” Krynski says, “because we came away thinking we had so much of what they had. But, we could be a lot better organized and a lot better connected with each other.” That’s how Kidsburgh, a ground-up effort to make Pittsburgh the best place on earth to be a child, was born. Kidsburgh has since sparked numerous collaborations to promote children’s health, education and well-being—the Kids & Creativity Network being one of the most exciting, Krynski says.

Currently, Krynski serves as an Editorial Advisory Group Member for Pop City and its weekly online hub of kids news and events. The advisory group also manages Pittsburgh is Kidsburgh, a quarterly newsletter reaching 12,000 subscribers and dedicated to giving voice to a wide sample of kid-related issues.

Krynski was formerly executive director of the Pace School, a nonprofit serving children in need of integrated educational and mental health services.

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