Bronwyn R. Korchnak

Bronwyn R. Korchnak is the High School Gifted Coordinator and a STEAM collaborator and innovator at Hopewell Area School District.

Bronwyn started her career as a chemistry teacher in 1999 at Seton LaSalle High School.  She has been with Hopewell Area School District since 2002.  Bronwyn started in their science department where she taught various levels of chemistry, physical science, and a remedial physics course. She greatly embodies the school’s P3 motto of purpose, passion, and pride. There were two pivotal points to Bronwyn’s life and career.  In 2012 she began running gifted services at the high school and in May of 2015 she received a Remake Learning STEAM grant that transformed her classroom, the gifted services, and school.

Bronwyn is now actively involved in PAGE and will have her Masters certificate in Gifted Education from Millersville University in December of 2018.  Bronwyn enjoys bringing various academic competitions, presentations, and field trips to Hopewell to provide enrichment for the gifted students.  Her students have earned the opportunity to compete at the national level within Academic Games for three years and SeaPerch for one.  Bronwyn focuses on the whole student’s needs, academic as well as social and emotional.

Bronwyn created The P3 STEAM Lab during the 2016-2017 school year from the Remake Learning STEAM grant.  Her students have a 900 gallon water tank to analyze and modify their SeaPerch ROV’s.  SeaPerch is a year long robotics project that challenges them in physics, engineering, and soft skills.  The grant also helped Bronwyn bring in various other robotics for programming education.  The students and teachers are able to use SPRK+, Ollie, BB-8, Mambo mini-drones, and a Parrot hydrofoil within their curriculum and courses.  Bronwyn is always open to new collaborative opportunities to expand the use of the robots to educate how STEAM curriculum can be within any course.


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