Rosanne Javorsky / photo courtesy of AIU

Rosanne Javorsky is currently the Assistant Executive Director of the Allegheny Intermediate Unit with over 25 years experience in the field of education. She started off as a special ed teacher, providing learning and emotional support for 15 years, and later began working on professional development.

For Pennsylvania’s 29 intermediate units, Rosanne oversees professional development by working directly with educators. Some of her projects include the Math & Science collaborative, the Reading Achievement Center and Power for Kids, which defines and implements reading intervention for students ages 3–5. These and other programs serve to help school districts meet standards set by the state. She claims that the Kids + Creativity network is a key ally in helping districts meet compliance, stating, “The Kids + Creativity Network takes all these wonderful partners in creativity and connects them with pre-K–12 education.”

As Rosanne completes her doctoral dissertation in Educational Leadership at the University of Pittsburgh, she continues to provide teachers with new educational strategies. One of those service outlets is the Center for Creativity, Arts, and Technology, a program that Rosanne facilitiates and that came about from, as she says, “an over-arching concern that schools were becoming places of ‘kill and drill’ and that they were losing opportunities to motivate students.

“With the Center, we aim to provide schools with the means to use creativity in a kid’s day-to-day instruction. I want people to see that creativity is not the domain of the priviliedged kid, that there are strategies we should be using for all kids.”

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